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Made with beeswax

Our products are handmade and crafted from all-natural ingredients. We add beeswax, an ingredient that has been used by humans for thousands of years, to help give our products a solid form without the need to use preservatives or chemicals. Our customers love the way our cosmetics make them look and feel because we use this iconic natural ingredient that's more expensive than alternatives but worth it for a healthier & more natural product formula.

Products made with beeswax are also great for helping to retain moisture and protect your skin. What's more, they give products a firm texture, so your lotions won't easily break down.


With viaGlamour's natural cosmetics we make healthy and beautiful natural beauty products that are made with cruelty-free formulation practices. All of our products are proudly Vegan, free from phthalates, GMOs and SLS. We also only use ingredients which come from ethical sources so every product you purchase helps to make the world a better place.

 We're a certified cruelty-free brand. This means all of our products are made with cruelty-free formulation practices. "Cruelty-free" is defined as not testing on animals.

Custom vegan cosmetics

A growing number of consumers consider the treatment of animals when making their product choices. For PETA supporters, and those who don't want to contribute to the suffering caused to animals, we offer a select range of vegan products that contain no animal products. This means that they're cruelty-free and can additionally be certified as vegan by The Vegan Society. They use ingredients like artificial beeswax, natural oils, and other natural raw ingredients that don't rely on animals.

 Vegan cosmetics contains ingredients such as soy bean wax, jojoba oil, and other natural raw ingredients that don't rely on animals. Our goal is to create hypoallergenic and cruelty-free skincare products are designed to moisturize and cleanse your skin without compromising your health.

Made in small batches

We are passionate about ensuring that every product meets the highest of standards. Our cosmetics are made in small batches to give your products a high-quality production where every item is inspected, uses carefully curated ingredients, and not stored on shelves endlessly until a sale. We value products that are made on-demand for customers.

We use only carefully curated raw ingredients, and your products are inspected by a cosmetic chemist before they are delivered to you.

Inclusive skin products for everyone

Our inclusive line of products covers different skin tones to help customers find the perfect formula for themselves regardless if their sensitive, oily, dry, cool, or warm toned. We also offer a full range in undertones from fair to deep making it easy to not only find the right shade for your skin tone but the formula for sensitive or oily skin.

Our makeup was designed to look naturally beautiful on a wide range of skin tones. Our formulas takes this idea beyond foundation and bronzers offering a full range of shades in concealer, contouring powders, setting powders and blush that match a spectrum of skin tones, while providing all day-long coverage with a matte finish. This inclusive range of products offer everything you need to create an all-day look. Perfect for work or an evening out, the collection is made with lightweight formulas that feel comfortable on, can be layered with additional products like eye shadow or blush for

Made in Canada, not China.

There are hundreds of beauty companies located in the USA and Canada but their products are originally made in China. That is not us - we don't want to risk our customer's health for cheaper products. We are proud to say we make everything here in Canada using the finest and healthiest ingredients, including making our products right here in Canada. Manufacturing the fine product you see on this page costs significantly more than outsourcing to China, but we're doing it none-the-less because we understand that your health is a priority above profit.

Sustainable packaging practices

Our packaging is made using sustainable materials wherever possible and reduced the amount of material required to preserve space on our shelves and reduce our carbon footprint.

PCI Compliant

We are PCI compliant to accept customer credit card information securely. This means that we have the highest level of security practices, standards and policies as created by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council in order to protect our merchants and customers. Visa, MasterCard, and American Express all require that businesses that accept credit cards implement these standards as a requirement for payment card acceptance.

Natural Ingredients

We are PCI compliant to accept customer credit card information securely. This means that we have the highest level of security practices, standards and policies as created by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council in order to protect our merchants and customers. Visa, MasterCard, and American Express all require that businesses that accept credit cards implement these standards as a requirement for payment card acceptance.

Gluten-free Formulas

We lead a gluten-free lifestyle, and so make it our top priority to offer beauty products that not only work, but also meet our strict gluten-free standards. All of our cosmetics, makeup products, skin care products, lip products and concealers are gluten-free.

FDA Labelling Regulations

We believe in empowering consumers with the most complete and accurate information on all of our products, so that they can make informed decisions about what they buy. That is why all of our cosmetics ship with labels that meet FDA's standards in shipping packaging with the ingredients, net weight, product origin, legible product contents (like ingredient background), and other core formula specifications to keep you informed about the products you are using.

True Tone Swatches

All the photos and swatches you see on viaGlamour are made with a Nix Color Sensor. When a new product is created for viaGlamour, our team will swatch the product on a light, neutral, and dark surface. The color sensor would measure the average Pantone color between all three of the color swatches. This gives our product photos the best representation of the product's color that might not be easily visible from the outside container.

Made with Vitamins

We add vitamins into our formulations to further increase the health benefits of using our producs. Here's an example - We'll formulate lipsticks with a few additional enchancing ingredients to help the lips continue feeling nourished even after the stain wears off. Grape Seel Oil is infused into the formula as micro-antioxidants that help repair dry skin, Vitamin E helps conditions the texture of your lips to feel incredibly soft, and Jojoba oil helps the lips form a protective barrier to prevent moisture loss

Anti-aging Ingredients

Our skincare products are specially formulated for all skin types with anti-aging ingredients that not only fight the signs of aging, but also help prevent them. We have a diverse and extensive line of skincare products to address each stage of your skincare regime, including serums, moisturizers, eye creams, cleansers and masks. Applying the recommended amount of serum twice daily will help keep your skin protected against environmental damage while maintaining its natural moisture level. Every day in the morning and evening, we recommend cleansing your face using our specially formulated face scrubs to cleanse your porse and prevent enviromental skin damage.

Frequently asked questions

Where does your brand ship?

We currently ship to the 50 states, Puerto Rico, Canada (excluding PO Boxes), the UK, the Republic of Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, Australia, New Zealand, and France. You may experience longer delivery times when shipping to Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, and remote areas up north in Canada. We're always ship orders with tracking numbers.

How are orders synced with Shopify?

When a new order is placed on your Shopify store we'll create a duplicate of the order for your dashboard inside of our app. All of the customer's purchases, shipping address, and selected formulas will be fulfilled exactly as the customer ordered.

After the order ships we'll attach the tracking number on the original Shopify order so your customer can view their delivery confirmation from their receipt. These get sent from your store and viaGlamour's branding isn't shown anywhere.

If you make any changes to the order after it's been placed it won't change the information on viaGlamour. So if you need to change an address you'll have to do that on viaGlamour's dashboard first.

When will my customers get their orders?

Please note that until further notice shipping may be delayed as our partners comply with local Covid-19 regulations. All products are still being shipped as quickly as possible and will continue to ship as long as USPS, UPS, and Canada Post are operational.

Frequently purchased items usually ship within a few days of ordering, though it can sometimes take up to 1-2 weeks to ship some orders. If a customer orders multiple items, we'll ship them when all the items are ready. Our goal is to always have customer orders delivered as quickly as possible, but sometimes things can get delayed because products have to be manufactured before they can be shipped!

You'll find shipping estimates for all of your orders on the dashboard. We take the number of products in an order and assume each product will take a business day to get made after purchase. Ex: A single liquid lipstick would be completed faster than an order of fifty foundations.

Production can be delayed by missing inventory from our ingredients suppliers, other successful campaigns that may be in production around the same time, or simple human error while preparing your designs for inking. If your order is going to be late for any reason, we'll do our best to let you know.

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